Astronaut Meditation

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This mediation is to connect with the most limitless and light filled part of you.

I often call our soul the astronaut and our body the space suit.

The soul is that aspect of you that chooses new spacesuits lifetime after lifetime. The astronaut or soul has divine peace, limitless knowing, it knows the answers you seek, the astronaut isn’t confused, heartbroken, exhausted, depressed, the astronaut continually offers a vibration of divine serenity and wisdom. Think of this astronaut as the magical wizard or wizardess inside you, all knowing, confident, peaceful loving you.

This mediation can help when you find yourself reaching outside yourself for the answers too much of the time. When you are weighing two or three or four choices back and forth continually. This meditation clears those moments when we forget we are not our mind, our bodies or our emotions. When we feel deep sorrow or grief, or feel agonizing physical pain this mediation can support one in finding the truth.

(Please note: after ordering, an email will be sent to you with a download link to access the meditation. When you receive the email and click the link to download your file, make a note about the file name and be aware of where you have saved the file on your device. You are limited to one download per purchase, so keeping track of where your file is stored is important. You can add your file to your favorite music playing app to listen the the meditation. If you have trouble, please contact us for help resolving the situation.)

Voice and mediation by April Rucker 

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