Hi Self Hi Day

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This meditation is for the first 5-20 minutes of your day. How we start the day is how we will live the day.

You might still be snuggling in your bed while listening, sitting up in bed or in a comfortable welcome the day chair, ALL are perfect for this opening the day meditation.

Good morning wonderful, amazing, brilliant, magnificent, unique you.

Good morning wonderful day.

Today has the opportunity to be an incredible, amazing, life changing, joyful day.

Take a moment to greet yourself and greet the day. “Hi day, hi self!!”

(Please note: after ordering, an email will be sent to you with a download link to access the meditation. When you receive the email and click the link to download your file, make a note about the file name and be aware of where you have saved the file on your device. You are limited to one download per purchase, so keeping track of where your file is stored is important. You can add your file to your favorite music playing app to listen the the meditation. If you have trouble, please contact us for help resolving the situation.)

Voice and mediation by April Rucker 

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